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Benefits on the horizon for Home Buyers!

The past month has delivered great news for all home buyers making it the perfect time to find your dream home at Octave.


A First Home Buyer Scheme backed by Labour and the National-Liberal Coalition pledging A$500 million towards first home buyer deposits


    • The proposed scheme means that first home buyers only need to save 5% deposit vs 20% deposit required by the banks, making it easier to enter the market to purchase your first home.
    • To be eligible for the scheme you will be a single earning under A$126,000 a year or a couple earning under A$200,000 a year.

Read more about the First Home Buyer Scheme from ABC News here


APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) recommends lowering the minimum interest serviceability buffer from 7% to a level determined by banks and other lenders


  • This means your capacity to repay will be assessed on a lower interest rate hurdle
  • The could result in your borrowing capacity being higher

Read more about these proposed lending changes from here


Interest rates have been cut the Reserve Bank cut the rate to a new record low of 1.25 per cent


  • Buyers will pay less interest on their loans which could save hundreds of dollars a year
  • The rate cut has been passed on in full by some banks already

Read more about the cuts to the cash rate from ABC News here


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