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4 delicious local eats in Junction Village

Booking your next brunch in Junction Village? We’ve found a few local favourites that will hit the spot.


  1. Boon Wurrung Cafe
    Residing within the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, this little hotspot is the closest to Octave at Junction Village offering delicious seasonal light lunches, burgers, hot drinks and wine for those sunny afternoon meetups. The cafe also caters for weddings, so don’t be surprised if you spot a bride!
  2. The Bear House Restaurant
    A family-friendly venue with rustic theming and warm lighting, enjoy your next lunch or dinner out surrounded by beautiful gardens. The modern Asian menu makes this local a favourite for anniversaries, weddings and celebrations.
  3. Joe’s Mochapot Cafe
    Located within the Cranbourne Park shopping centre, find mouth-watering breakfasts and tasty lunches suitable for all ages. Have a big appetite before you go, so you can munch on the desserts too!
  4. Cranbourne Kebab Stop
    If you’re in need of your late-night kebab, the area has you sorted as well with Cranbourne Kebab Stops a short drive from Octave at Junction Village, on Sladen Street.


Junction Village is a small suburb with big flavours. With a melting pot of Chinese, Middle Eastern, Indian and European eateries dotted throughout the area, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. If you are in the area visiting one of the above local eats, don’t forget to pop by our sales suite at 1160 Ballarto Road.

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