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Looking at buying in an estate near Cranbourne? Here are our 5 tips

The southeast corridor of Melbourne offers a great range of housing estates or community for every type of buyer, whether you’re looking in Cranbourne, Berwick or Junction Village. There’s a lot of information available and every estate offers something different so finding the right one for you can be tricky.

These 5 tips will help you to have the best experience of looking for your next home and make looking at buying in a community less overwhelming.


1. Understand your borrowing power and obtain pre-approval once you start looking seriously

Knowing what exactly you can afford will help you to identify where you can look, and where you might have to consider an alternative option like a townhome.


2. Be realistic with your budget to avoid stress about future repayments

It might be tempting to go a little over what you can truly afford to get some other inclusions, or a slightly larger block, however you won’t be able to enjoy your home if you’re worrying about repayments.


3. Think about extra inclusions you’ll need if buying a house and land package, such as landscaping and any upgrades

Lots of builders now include a range of inclusions and this is a great consideration to the house and land price.


4. Write a list of your needs and wants in order from “must-have” to “wish to have” to help narrow down your search

Knowing what you won’t budge on makes it easier to choose.


5. The old mantra of location, location, location rings true. Investigate your future home’s proximity to transport, shops, and schools

Consider going for a few drives around the local area of where your new community will be located to better understand what your life will look like there.


Jinding Development has three communities across Victoria that could be a great place to start your search – all of them are close to great established facilities and offer a range of products to serve every buyer.

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Live next to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne

Build your dream home at Octave next to established retail, commercial, outdoor and sporting amenities in Cranbourne and Clyde.

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