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What construction happens before land settles?

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes that must happen before to prepare your block of land for settlement and ready for homes to be built on.

The process looks like this:

  • Construction commences with earthworks
    Construction machinery is brought to site to move the earth and level the land as much as possible. If required, clean fill (dirt) will be added to the site to raise the level of the stage or excess material removed to create an easy level building pad.
  • Installation of services such as water, electricity and internet
    Earthworks have now created space for more construction to commence. This means key services for your land are installed underground which includes sewer, water, power (electricity) and telecommunications (internet).
  • Roads formed
    The roads are then laid, streetlights are installed, and nature strips are created. It is now we start to see the stage and lots look more like what they did on the plans (called Plan of Subdivision) provided to you.
  • Finishing touches
    Every good block of land needs its finishing touches! Final street trees are planted, your lot is trimmed, topsoil spread, and pegs (wooden stakes) are installed to help you identify your lot.
  • Lodging at the titles office
    Before we lodge your land for titles, Council undertakes a few checks to ensure the subdivision is delivered in line with the approved design plans. Once these checks are complete, titles for the stage are lodged to identify the newly created blocks of land, where you will build your house. Once titles are received, your solicitor / finance broker is notified and will make final settlement payment within 10 working days.
  • Time to build homes!
    Once settlement has transacted, the land is all ready for your builder to build your dream home on!

Still have some questions on the process? You might find your answer here on our FAQ page. Our sales team are happy to help you understand the process and are available by phone or email.

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