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Why build House & Land in Cranbourne and Junction Village 2020

The southeast corridor, where Cranbourne and Junction Village are situated, is no stranger to house and land as an option for new property owners. Having seen many new land developments start and complete over the years, the Cranbourne area is well-developed and residents are familiar with the pros and cons that come with buying land and building your own home.

In 2020, with so many new development areas to consider, why is Cranbourne still an appealing option for those who want to build new?

Reason 1: Cranbourne and Junction Village are in a highly established neighbourhood surrounded by existing amenities

One of the key benefits of choosing to buy house and land in the Cranbourne area is the location.  At 53km away from Melbourne CBD local amenities are essential for new estates like Octave at Junction Village. A unique benefit for local residents is established access to amenities such as Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne, Casey Fields, Casey RACE, and Cranbourne Train Station. The proposed Cranbourne East Train Station will provide an additional transport link to central Melbourne suburbs, making this area a rare new community with access to so many existing amenities.

Not sure whether moving to Junction Village is for you? Why not give our team a call at 1300 281 175 to chat about your unique circumstances.

Reason 2: Many locals have bought house and land before and offer social proof

New home buyers who have never built their own home with a volume builder may find several factors nerve-racking – will this be a good option for me, and am I going to be happier for buying house and land over established? Luckily, residents in the Cranbourne area are familiar with the house and land process. Many people in the area have bought land and built new before, so there’s plenty of social proof on the street in terms of observing build quality over time, and getting insight from future neighbours. A quick drive around past completed developments will give you a good idea of what a finished land development could look like, and also present diverse home design ideas and possibilities.

To see some options, check out what’s available at Octave on our House & Land page.

Reason 3: Scarcity of land means your property can retain value

As the current new land developments in the area surrounding Junction Village are the last pieces of the community puzzle, once they’re gone there will be no opportunity to purchase new blocks in this area. As scarcity can drive prices up, securing the last of the available land in the area means your investment will be well-placed for future growth as newer developments can only occur in further-out suburbs. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether buying a house and land package is for you in 2020, consider booking an appointment with our Estate Manager to chat through your options.

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