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An environment that hits the right note

As part of the Octave masterplan, a focus on planting native trees will ensure a healthier environment for residents to live.

Amazingly, trees have the power to actually reduce hospital admissions, by improving air quality, and absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants. According to a UK Landscape Institute Report, ‘the detoxifying effects of parks’ are good for everyone, but in particular those who struggle with asthma and other respiratory problems.

Parks should be considered special places full of wonderful and surprising ways to connect with nature. To embrace the natural high from exercise endorphins or simply to gain a sense of calm and wellbeing. The humble park is a place where things naturally thrive. So too will the residents of Octave.

In today’s contemporary urban communities, green space is recognised as simply smart policy. This is the path Octave is fervently following.

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Live next to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne

Build your dream home at Octave next to established retail, commercial, outdoor and sporting amenities in Cranbourne and Clyde.

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